In addition to bringing new life to quilts, Nashville Quilt Repair can work with other textile projects.  Historic clothing can be mended and stabilized, samplers may be restored and made ready for framing.  Flags, wall hangings, rugs, dolls, baby clothing, and other treasured items can often be cleaned, repaired or restored and prepared for storage or presentation.  Linens and laces can be repaired and cleaned.

A few examples with "before" and  "after" photos are shown below.


This Mammy Doll, treasured by the owner's grandmother, was seriously damaged by her new puppy. The face is painted cloth, and the whole body is stuffed with sawdust. A head scarf is torn off along with some of the hair, the dress is torn, and the arm and foot fabrics are torn with sawdust falling out.  All the debris was collected and brought to me with the doll.


New fabric of the same time period was used to rebuild the torso and become a new bodice. That same cloth was used to construct a new shoe.  The doll's skirt was rescued from the floor and it was resewn with reinforcing cloth. Scraps of the head scarf and hair were recovered and reconstructed. 


Antique Sampler

Child's Dress

Tennessee Coverlet

Peruvian Man's Knitted Ch'ullo